Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cherry Blossom

All the cherry blossoms are gone of the trees!

How terribly sad.

In better news here is my first wardrobe remix post...

oooooh and a close up

Hello Friend!

Hello Everyone!
My name is Madison and I am new to blogging.
I however am not new to such great blogs as liebemarlene or onlyshallow
I've been hiding out, and keeping quite about my own life and it's time to change that.

Let's become great friends!

That is a photo of myself and my boy from last summer.

I found that great black 30's dress from Goodwill the day before and was itching to wear out.

I love vintage clothing. Right now im upsessed with 40's day dresses.

I specifically love this dress from thesnailandthecyclops

It is perfect in every way. Since I am 20 years old now I want to start dressing more simplified and refined like this photo shows so eloquently.

I recently made a few purchases on Ebay hoping to help me in my endeavor.

I thrift most of my clothes but occasionally the older dresses just are too hard to find in thrift stores.

I am equally excited about this one as well.

So now I want to hear about you and what you like.