Saturday, August 9, 2008


Here a great video and song from one of my favorite artists right now!

José González - 'Teardrop'

Friday, August 1, 2008

where have I been?

Tonight I decided to check my long lost blog and see if anyone has wondered where I've been. Needless to say I felt a bit obligated to write this post.

I sort of got a little tired of the blog scene, and not thinking too much about my measly little blog I decided to just let it die out.

Im not sure what im trying to say... if I will continue to blog or not im just not sure...but I suppose for now I'll give an update on my summer during July.

Ever since my large vintage haul I've been scouring my lands for hidden vintage antique stores in forgotten towns, and mostly at auctions full of people who only want to collect decorative glass.

I don't have any personal photos as of right now but I can show you some of the ebay finds I've been snatching up.

Here is the wedding dress of my dreams!!!
I actually bought it too!!!
Understand I actually have no plans on getting married anytime soon. I am not one of those pycho marriage girls who dreams of their wedding day her whole life. Sometimes when I am looking at vintage clothes on eBay I look in the Edwardian section for the most perfect lacy wedding gown....and when I happened upon this one I knew I must buy it and save it for that blessed day when I unite with my one true love..blah. Anyway, It hasn't arrived yet, but oh man...I can't wait...and wait and wait....

This pretty little 40's number cost a pretty penny. Im not really sure what I was thinking when I place my "high bid". This is one of those perfect eBay dresses that I always love but know I will never own, but alas I was feeling extra daring...err foolish during the last few seconds of the auction. It hasn't arrived yet either, but It should be glorious....I hope.The back is nearly the best part with the little buttons. oohh darling.
I plan on wearing it to a wedding im photographing on the 15th.

Tomarrow I have another auction to attend and I have to finish mending the most beautiful 20's Pouff sleeved, circus inspired crepe dress. I'll have to photograph it to show everyone. I won it at my last auction for $5. I spent all this evening in surgery, replacing the color blockes of fabric on the sleeves...they were in bad shape.

I have still been selling on ebay, and have quite the perfect lot of 40's and 50's teen dresses.
Let me know if theres anyone out there reading this mess.